Grandmother buries her head in her hands as the tears overcome the pride. She longs to raise five grandchildren whom she loves dearly but they may be too much for her.  She does not have the resources or the strength to take on emotionally damaged souls. Anger fills their chest but for a few hours they are together, happy.

            She tries to convince others that she can handle the responsibility. The state has nothing substantial to offer but will spend countless thousands to shuffle them from home to home separated from each other. Where is mother?  Where is father?  Who really knows, except they chase after an illusion of happiness found in drugs, prostitution, abusive relationships, and rolling the dice of destruction.

            The valley is full of thorn and thistle that keep one from enjoying the beauty of children and the privilege of parenting. Obviously, there is a real enemy preoccupied with destroying the family. When parents misstep and fall prey to the shadows, the fall devastates their children and creates a social mudslide. The state is no match for such a force and politicians use “family values” to win votes while the value of family continues to erode.

            Where is the Church? You remember, that institution ordained by God that will not fail against the forces of darkness? That unstoppable influence that Jesus said would do greater works than he?  I rarely see her. Have they forgotten what kind of persons they are?