The embattled soldiers convene on the 7th day for rest and spiritual restoration.  The week has seen its share of battles filled with loss, wounds, and casualties.  Relentlessly, sin never tiers or takes a day off.  It’s in our blood, it’s in the air, and it’s in the one who whispers lies.  In fact, sin regroups and returns with tenacious force only to weary the men and women who labor in God’s field.  Do not be divided, my friends. With the cross before and the world behind, press on toward the prize of the upward call and mission to go, tell it in the valley. 

            The land groans, anxious for its redemptive consummation.  Mankind dissolves into a heap of ash that can only be redeemed by a living hope found in the person and work of one man (Jesus) who became sin for us and died our death so that we might go (rise up and live). This is the message soldiers need reminded of and often. It is the message we take to the valley with the sure hope that some will be snatched from the enemy.  Yes, captives will taste freedom and enemies will be made friends.  You and I are evidence of such glorious truth that the power of the gospel changes everything.  For you and I were once children of wrath, enemies of kindness and faith until they led us to repentance.

            Give yourselves to real preparation in order to ensure the harvest and secure your soul.  Come together and “pray until you pray.” Love each other in sincerity of truth.  Struggle in the flesh of God (the scriptures and Jesus) given for your nourishment and healing. Cast off distractions and call upon the Spirit to fill and overfill your cup with gladness.  Sing out loud the cry of your heart; the living God delights to hear you.  Ask whatever you need in your brother’s name and your Father, good and perfect, will lavish his approval and blessing upon your head. Receive the love of Christ who died for you and lives to intercede for you, always. Claim the promises of grace, the newest of mercies, and the peace that ever flows for your good. God is happy and happy to call you his own. Go, tell it in the valley!