There is a train coming for us all and when; we do not know. Everyone will decide consciously or subconsciously how they board that train. Ignorance or moral indifference is not a card in the deck. A change of disposition requires a change of heart but the heart is precisely the problem. It does not matter what side of the track one lives on. We very well may dress in fine clothes and wear a pious face; we may move on with our lives and suppress the truth with the mirage of success. At the end of the day, however, when all is dark and still, the train is heard in a distance; reminder of an appointment to fill.

As sure as the hairs of our head are numbered; the days of our lives have been measured. What happens in between the two dates (that little dash) is consumed by what we love. If we love this world and all its treasures then that will be the end. There is another world with everlasting treasures but we cannot have both. “Good people, gracious people, and sincere people” go to hell everyday. What is required of us humans is out of our reach and ability. That is the good news. The bad news is that we don’t believe this truth. Nonetheless, many will go on with reason and rational, pressing on in best efforts.

What makes us really unreasonable is that we are not in control despite whatever safeguards we take. If our control is ever challenged, we are prone to claim that we are not responsible, thus, producing blame. We perpetuate a life of tomfoolery; chasing every comfort and relationship that works to our advantage. Let one of our children or parents get gravely sick and watch the human condition unravel. Threatened by the prospect of losing what we love the most reveals the nakedness and the helplessness of who we really are in the universe. There is no glory in man or woman but we expect much of them.

The sound of that train is getting closer. Denial will not make it go away or slow its arrival. If demons believe and are subject to a sovereign Lord; do we really want to board that train on our own terms? There are questions we do not have answers to but death is one teacher no one cheats. All will fail the test if they do not know the one right answer.