Staying in the same place can become deadly. There comes a time to do the next thing. Becoming healthy is no small work done once and for all. It takes time, nurturing efforts, and a stronger force than nature that can only be received by relentless prayer and loving oversight. It’s like planting a tree in the ground that is stubborn (resistant) and porous. One of the most amazing scenes of beauty are big strong trees that grow out of pressure.  Not a weekend project.

Trees tend to grow in groves and depend on the biotic community for support and nutrients. Nature speaks loudly our creative purpose that we are not created for ourselves. We belong to a creator and, therefore, must return from our self absorbed existence and look for real meaning. The pressures of life are meant to train us to reach for the light; to depend on its heat in a cold, careless world. We are not left to ourselves. Everyone around us has the gifts of pain. If we sow the seeds of honesty and transparency, we will find that overcoming self-centeredness is liberation. That is the first step to planting a tree with the promise of bearing fruit.

“Time waits on no one,” are words remembered by a former teacher. It’s funny how such words can mean so little when we are young. The phrase returns for a more opportune interpretation when youthfulness fades. Life is too short to demand retribution. What would really happen if we repaid evil with good? Kindness for cruelty? What would happen if we planted a seed or sapling in the hole of pain someone else dug in our soil? Either we get busy cultivating the health and prosperity of our offspring or we leave them a rotting stump infested with disease of bitterness and hate. Unforgiveness is not an option. Justice only comes in the next life; make sure you give mercy.