“Do not come to this place,” was the message in a bottle bouncing around the foaming sea of torment. Can you imagine such a desperate cry; warning all those who are still alive? Messengers have been warning us since Genesis about a certain end. We have had more than a bottle to come upon our shores. While mankind suppresses the truth with its own answers, death is still the headline. Look at us! Look at our families, our communities, our government, and our world of abuse and injustice. We would not listen to someone who came back from the dead to tell us what is on the other side of the grave. Humanity will share fame and fortune with no one unless that someone came back to make much of us and tell us that everything will work out in the end. But that is not the message. Nevertheless, we took a vote and the consensus: Truth is relative and all dogs go to heaven even the ones that bite.

Truth is not relative when it comes to our money, our possessions, and civil rights. Yet none of these will matter in the end. Our bucket list will not be checked by what others thought of us or how strongly we believed something. The one who sent that bottle ignored the needy, indulged in earthen pleasures, and gained wealth for himself. His neighbor waited painfully and hungry outside his automatic garage.

The only thing the two shared in common was death. Then the door automatically closed on the rich man and his gadgets no longer worked. He was shut out of the banquet feast as an honored guest while Lazarus rested in the wealth of his Father, relieved from poverty’s abuse and the company of dogs that cared more about him.

I wonder what God thinks of all the television ministers and deacons who live in million dollar estates, drive luxury vehicles, and enjoy the finest foods at the expense of all those people who give their tithes and offerings hoping that something they heard is true? It is sinfully easy for me to resent them as they accumulate the masses and the money. I confess this sinister heart of mine and…..excuse me; I think I hear something outside my door.