For eight years he wandered through the system of substitute care (foster care) and temporary shelters. After 21 different placements and the magical birthday of eighteen; where will he go and what will he do? 

            A few weeks ago I drove 200 miles to pick him up and transport him home for a brief period until a bed opened up in the Independent Living program.  He was excited to go home and nervous, confused, and frightened.  Physically, Steven is 18 but emotionally and socially he is essentially a child; a child gone terribly wrong. His mother agreed to let him stay home until his placement was ready. 

            Not long after being home, it was evident that Steven could not stay.  The rage and dysfunction fueled his anti-social behaviors. Consequently, this led to his arrest for assaulting his mother and oldest sister and destruction of property. He screamed at me, “CPS f_cked up my life!”  His mother in similar tone rejected such blame but I was left wondering; there maybe some truth to that.  I was angry and helpless. I was sorry for Steven who is also a sexual perpetrator living with horrendous guilt. What voices he must hear and what images he sees?  

            These questions worry me.  Steven wants nothing to do with the gospel as he blames God just a much as anything else. He appears not to have much of a conscience. He smiles and laughs like a silly boy when the subject of his misdeeds comes up.  He takes no responsibility for the harm he has done to other; esp. children. It’s only a matter of time before he chooses his next victim.  He is so disconnected.