America has engaged an enemy who would rather destroy everything than tolerate anything.  Conventional warfare will never end its tirade against all things Western.  Professor and columnist Alan Dershowitz recently quoted two Hezbollah leaders.  Assan Nasrallah said, “We [Islamic extremists] are going to win, because they [Westerners] love life and we love death.  Each of us lives his days and night hoping more than anything to be killed for the sake of Allah.”  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, “It is the zenith of honor for a man, a young person, boy or girl, to be prepared to sacrifice his life in order to serve the interests of his nation and his religion.”

            Dershowitz then asked this question: How can Western democracies combat an enemy obsessed with death?  Women and children hurl themselves bomb-clad into crowds to earn honor among their radical peers and secure the favor of Allah.  To them the essence of heroism and radical Islam is to die such a martyr.  Iraqi and American forces train their sights on women and children who gladly pose as terroristic threats. 

We will never stop the violence until we stop the hate that empowers it.  Hate is the world’s fiercest despot.  Hate always kills.  It has united more countries and claimed more lives than any one tyrant.  And unless Americans start examining the enemy of our souls more than the enemy of our shores, hate will soon raise its own flag over our hallowed ground. 

Colonialization, legislation, education, or ammunition will never defeat hate.  There will always be another strong man of the state.  What we most need is one to defeat the strong man of the heart.  Who will do so in order that we not become the very one we’re trying to defeat?