Working in and around the cesspool of humanity where people do unthinkable things to themselves and their children leave me thirsting for hope. Not just for me, but thirsting for those lost in this cesspool. I often come home tired and wasted. My children are completely oblivious to what I see and do; they just know dad comes home in a funk. I do not know how (I want to learn) to leave it all behind; the stories of broken lives and the evil I wade through everyday.

This valley of shadows often gets the best of me. How does a mother blame her 10 year old daughter for the sexual abuse done by her 15 year old half brother? Mother stated that her child was sexual promiscuous since she was three. At age ten, she thinks that everyone has lice since that’s what her mother told her. She has had lice for four years now. And daddy sold his truck in order to buy beer and drugs.

The life she has tasted has been confusing and bitter. She has no idea what a healthy marriage looks like. She has no idea the normal boundaries of good touches and bad touches. She has no idea of good personal hygiene. What she can tell you is that her parents buy drugs from a nephew and that she is to blame for the sexual abuse and neglect suffered.

What chance does she have in life to enjoy being valued and receive lovingkindness? What suicidal thoughts will swirl through her mind thinking that she is worthless? These are the wars that go on twenty-seven hours a day in the cities we live in.