Recent editorials reveal a deep-rooted nearsightedness that Americans have with our so-called immigration crisis.  Absurdities like “we were here first” and “learn to speak English” feign the air of patriotism but are really eruptions of a racist heart. 

The world had never seen an American citizen until two hundred years ago.  And it was only by forceful eviction of the original “Americans” that history now knows us as such.  Have we forgotten that we all descend from immigrants?  Would we treat our great grandparents the way we’re now treating those seeking the same thing they sought?  Would we blame our grandparents for giving us what all immigrants seek to give their children: hope, opportunity and freedom?

            The issue is complex but a quasi-fascist wind wafts through our land.  It is one thing to promote proper citizenship for the benefit of the citizen, but quite another to legalize racism.       

            If categorical eviction became a reality, our economy and workforce would suffer tremendously.  Let’s be honest: Americans have become spoiled brats who want our own way because it’s ours and we were here first.  Get your own country if you want what we have, we exclaim.   

The “rule of law” has long been abandoned for the sake of cheap labor and higher profits.  As long as we have hearts of greed there will always be an immigration crisis. As long as we demand justice then where do we start administering that? Various people are held to different standards depending on their value. So how does a justice system ruled by injustice approach the crisis without a bias? 

Thankfully, I am looking for a better country whose architect and builder is grace and peace for people of every tongue, tribe, and nation.