Over two years ago I met the Sergeant whose life was staring over a dark abyss. His two young children were taken from their mother and placed in foster care.  All Zach and Lilli had were each other as they rode off into the unknown; fearful and confused. 

Mom and Dad had irreparable problems. The children suffered from their narcissism. Mom was so damaged by childhood neglect and abuse that she did not have the capacity for healthy, stable relationships with husband or child.  She covered the pain with the attention of anyone who would look her way while her husband tried to do the right thing. But in the end, the right thing became the wrong thing. Eventually, they both failed to protect their children at the interpretation of Child Protective Services. The case was so poorly handled and manipulated by one sick mother that it cost the children four months in foster care before being returned to their Dad.

I found dad under great distress.  Love for his children could not be denied but he was caught in a legal web with CPS rules defended by an incompetent attorney that cost him his last cent.  He was financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually bankrupt.  Supervised visits with his children were torture to him and the kids. 


Today, I look back in amazement as to what has happened in such a short time.  When Jesus said that he can do the impossible; that’s what happened for Sergeant Dad. He’s a long way from looking over that abyss and I had the privilege of playing a small role in God’s goodness to help him get his life and children back and know some sense of security and hope.  Things aren’t perfect for this Dad but he’s back on his feet walking in the right direction, taking things one day at a time.  And those two kids…their daddy has a heart that would go to hell and back for them… and he did.  That is why he is Sgt. Dad. So, if he finds this journal entry he needs to know that he has a Father and Friend in Jesus.