Ever met a flower too afraid to touch

a beauty so rare; couldn’t say much?

Forsaken all else to know her face

Finding her design a gift of grace.

A name only heaven could perfectly sound

the company of love; inspiration found.

Delightful harmony; her presence sweet

Our warm embrace, death ne’er can cheat.

Delicate orchid needing gentle care

Her glory, my crown, flows lovely hair.

Eyes of blue bonnets capture my heart

Courage to lead and shield fiery darts.

Strength in the blossom of her fair name

Character in the roots of her father’s fame.

A crocus in late winter; the hope of spring

the smile of daffodils send me caroling.

I sing of our love of rarest bloom

To have and to hold; the flower’s groom.

Forsaking all else to know her face

Only to find she is a gift of grace.

Christmas 08