If water-boarding is now unconstitutional, torturous, and offensive toward the enemies of the State then what is abortion? The same conservatives (SBC) who shout “pro-life” just cut $700,000 from the operating budget of the Tennessee Baptist Children’s home.  I don’t understand, the convention has created useless or unnecessary jobs while slashing funds to care for the fatherless, orphaned, and neglected and abused children. While the nations plot in vain against the Kingdom of God, the Church stumbles over its priorities and builds upon its hypocritical sand castle.

For years the State has enlarged its borders while the Church has lost its marching orders. God is not interested in establishing a Christian State or a theocracy.  God desires his Church to care for their neighbors, defend and protect the weak, and even sell all our riches and give to the poor. The State has not pushed the Church away with a wall of separation. The Church has separated itself from the State in defensive position.  Hell trembles at its defeat and pending judgment but there is no pressure on darkness to flee. The State increases and the Church decreases its participation in the market place of ideas and funding.  Why?

Jesus prayed in John 17 to keep them in the world but protect them from the evil one.  The nations rage and plot in vain but the Church runs the other way. Should there be more zeal for foreign missions than domestic visions? O God, may Christians stop expecting a “Christian nation” when the Bible does not even give us an example of one.  Jesus says, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Dear Church, who told You to flee? The wrath of God has been satisfied for You. God has crushed Your enemy. Go! build orphanages again, fund the homeless shelters, adopt the rejected, support the weak and widows, and let the elderly die with dignity.  Let the State see your good work so that they might turn and say, “Christians really do have a God and He must be good.”

Church – stop the rage against the State. Go into the world and be salt and light! Lead them out of darkness with the lamp You have been given.