You made a choice that seemed convenient to you.

You blamed my heart for a conception I did not do.

I pleaded for help but you could not hear

My little voice drowned by selfishness and fear.

Convinced there was no other way

You took us down to the clinic one day.

A simple procedure seemed easy to handle

A day you chose to blow out my candle.

That day – I was born to the family of grace

held by caring hands; I see my Abba’s face.

I am wanted, I am free, and there are many just like me.

He, who made my toes, invites you to come and see.

Mama, I forgive; you knew not what you had done

That’s why God sent to die, His only beloved son.

He came not to condemn but save us from our choice

The price is paid in full; though aborted I rejoice.

Come quickly while grace is still to be found.

Come through the cross; escape what has you bound.

It will cost you your life, one you call your own

Sin will one day kill but Jesus called me home.

Come to the fountain of forgiveness that’s free

Come like a child to simply believe.

Ask to be born again; receive a new heart

Ask for the light to be rid of the dark.

Join me for a walk in the Father’s new creation

Rest for weary souls whose sins have been forsaken.

Come taste the salty air along the crystal seas

Swing me in your arms in life abundantly.