After the divorce life got real interesting. Mother, a school teacher, took on a part-time job 30 miles away at K-mart. From Jr. High through High School, K-mart was cool. It was not long until I learned of the Lay-a-way plan. Twice a year, summer and fall, we would shop in the men’s section and place several items of clothing in Lay-a-way. After 8 to 12 weeks of payment, we introduced ourselves to the clothes we had purchased and could finally take the goods home. What a deal.

We often view God much like a lay-a-way plan. Our vision of His glory and goodness is impaired by our earthly limitations. We often think that God holds back something from us until we can make sufficient payment for those blessings. We don’t say this out loud but it shows in our behavior and lack of faith. Prayer is usually the last exercise in our minds until its the last resort.

How quickly we forget that Jesus not only atoned for our sin but He ripped down the barrier of any works/payment plan in order to access the steady stream of God’s love and favor toward his children. The full clothing store of God’s grace is available to us without money, without merit, and without measure. Any lay-a-way relationship with our Lord creates a spiritual and emotional roller coaster. I always wondered why those things made me sick.

I was in K-mart the other day and a voice came over the intercom and announced that the lay-a-way department would be closing in 10 minutes. I smiled and thanked my Lord that I have free unlimited access to the throne of grace by the authority of Christ who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.