In 1969, Armstrong made his descent to the Moon’s surface and spoke his famous line “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Man is sinfully impressed with useless accomplishments. Whether space walking, moon walking (including Michael Jackson), or walking on the bottom of the Ocean, none of these in a long list of others has improved man’s relationship with his Creator and each other. All these “impressive things” have only proven that man seeks to worship himself.

From the looks of things, man is not evolving; he is dissolving back into a heap of ash and none of his accomplishments will serve him once the trumpet sounds. In Mark 7, Jesus confronts the established code of religious piety and their doctors. The problem is that the code was written by men (scribes) in an effort to build a fence around the God given law. These rules stacked the deck against civilization that proved to be no more than a social club made up of the elite. Instead of God dictating to man, it was the religious CEOs of the world who controlled the doors of worship and acceptance to God. Now that is the lowest form of malpractice ever.

To think that man can create a code of conduct in order to be clean before a Holy God is the fanciest masquerade in the history of depravity. That’s why Jesus called them hypocrites. Before we blame it all on the traditions of man, we must look in the mirror of God’s law. No one can keep God’s law; not even in a monastery or seminary. The bar of perfection is set and all fall short of it’s glory. Rightfully, Jesus became angry at these religious professionals. His rebuke was sharp and only served to store up man’s rage against his Kingdom.

Although man still pans the dunghills of depravity in search of the golden key to heaven’s gate, his search is in vain. Striving to tip the scales of justice in our favor with ceremonial good behavior will only kindle the fires of Hell that much more. The only person in history that is worthy of our attention and worthy of our study belongs to one man; the man Jesus Christ. All the books in the world could not contain His works. He alone is impressive and all his accomplishments make man’s list a dunghill.