I can take no credit except for the sin that caused my death.  I am good at only one thing; my natural inclination to do what I most want to do. I was unable to do the good I ought to do. I was not free to choose contrary to my nature. There are so many ways to say the same thing but the conclusion of the matter is that I should be dead. What happened? 

It is true that I am evil (I am not free not to be) but that is coming to an end because now a new nature has been given to me and a new Spirit blows through my affections. The old me is passing away. Now I have been set free from the law of sin and death; the law that informed me who I was. No longer am I bound by the law for the law has been kept by one who lives and took my death. He not only took my death caused by my sin but he now gives me his life and legal status of freedom.  The justice I deserve is satisfied and now I have received mercy. 

Now, Jesus did not die to give me health, wealth, and prosperity – my sinful nature will abuse those good things like I do an ice cold Pepsi. But he did die and lives; one day giving me a healthy body, a wealthy inheritance, and a prosperous future in eternity. And when that happens I will know how to make use of all things imperishable.  I will perfectly praise and worship the one true God who saves me.  

Once a person knows Jesus by grace through faith, then they have real choices that matter. Otherwise, death is your master and Hell will welcome you home. To some, this all sounds like foolishness. If you are not interested then that only proves one thing….you are dead.