There were about two thousand in the local herd. When one thought of the word “Gadarenes,” it was the equivalent of “Jimmy Dean’s;” perhaps the number one producer of pork products and Gentile pride. These were not your typical buttermilk washed curly tail pets we think of called “Wilbur.”  This fine herd put the Gadarenes on the map and was the driving force of its economy and trade… 

Nearby lived the maniac known as Legion; he was psychotic and the curse of the country. He was a man tormented by Satan; that evil one who has come to steal, kill, and destroy everything he touches.  He lived among the tombs and no one could bind him anymore, not even with chains.  He was out of his mind and out of control.  The local jail could not hold him and the country men soon learned that he was beyond rehabilitation.  Night and day he could be heard howling like a wounded animal as he cut himself and begged for death to hurry up. Maybe there was enough humanity to stay away from populated areas for the common good.  Or maybe he was kept for this very moment so that Jesus might be made known. 

It is insulting that demons see Jesus and make a right confession of who He is and where He comes from (and we don’t). Not only that, but they yield to his power and acknowledge his Sovereign control of all things in fear (Mk.5:7). These demons are territorial and do not want to give up their fortress among humanity. They are in the business of torture and making life miserable for everyone.  Like most parasites, demons need a host in order to do their work (this would not be a good place to argue for human free-will). 

It was the herd of demons that brought the man to the shores of the sea to beg for mercy at the feet of Jesus. They knew their business had met the Lord.  No man in his sin- depraved mind would come running to Jesus on his own unless they knew who Jesus was – unless the sinner knows who he really is. The torturers now kneel to Jesus asking not to be tortured. There were no willing hosts around and so Legion reasoned with Jesus to be cast into the swine nearby. So be it! Jesus sent them into a herd of soulless swine and the rest is history: The swine jumped over the cliff. 

Soon the entire country heard the news of Jesus and the man without a name who was beyond help. There he sat; dressed and in his right mind.  He became a friend of God though he was an enemy.  He was given his right mind and a reason for living.  He was fully clothed in the love of Christ and His righteousness.  And he was sent to do what everyone does given their right minds – telling the world about the greatness and mercy of Jesus.  Everyone else who does not go and tell is surely… out of their mind.