Anything “Made in the U.S.A” is antique.  We now export our profits by subcontracting our freedoms for the sake of short-term shareholder satisfaction.  Our commitment to hard work, charity, civility and sacrifice are glory days of a bygone era.  We sold our birthright and expect government to give it back.    


American professing Christians have hijacked words like “Republican,” “Pro-life” and “Compassionate Conservative” and even “Christian” itself to serve their political agendas.  It’s now hard to tell whether one is talking about orthodox Christian faith or patriotic political rhetoric or if they’re one in the same.  Claiming to worship the One True God, we’ve made idols out of conservative talk and democracy. 

What is “Christian” in our culture has very little to do with the “Christ.”  American Christians assume our country is (or was) a Christian nation, but the Bible gives us no reason to think so.  National Israel was neither a “Christian” nation in the Old Testament nor a favored nation by God today.  God favors no one who denies Jesus as the Christ.  


“Compassionate conservativism,” for example, is an oxymoron.  True compassion is never conservative.  It is always extravagant as it derives from our extravagant God.  Compassion is lavish and nondiscriminatory.  “Conservative” best describes how Christians tip at restaurants, but it’s certainly not appropriate to describe compassion.


What does it mean to be “pro-life”?  Do we mean merely “pro-biological existence” or is there more to “life.”  Being consistent “pro-life” means tangibly helping the single mother or abortion-minded teenager.  It means refusing to settle for our current pathetic child welfare system.  Perhaps we need fewer Pat Robertsons and more George Muellers, who give their life to care for the unwanted children.   Who channels millions of dollars to feed, house, and educate the orphans?  Who cares for the widow and the weak?  Where are the pro-life, conservative Christians who complain about big government, Obama speeches, and socialism and yet say nothing about mega-church buildings and budgets that do not include the helpless?  We invest more in technology, space, and comforts than we do people. Maybe if the church were more liberal (in the truest sense of the word) then government wouldn’t have to be so big.


The “conservative” church has subcontracted with Republican suits in order to do God’s will.  Many “born again Christians” applaud Joe Wilson for calling the President a liar, but lie to the widows, orphans, and neighbors about caring for them.  Many Christians boycotted the President’s address to school children, but permit far worse through their children’s iPods and televisions.  I liked the educational speech of which “priests” Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh were so were fearful.  President Obama is not our country’s threat.  Our pride and selfishness are. 


God has established only one Christian nation: the church of the Lord Jesus Christ who will one day enjoy the New Heaven and Earth.  May God renew our minds in order to understand His will and love that nation.